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Rangers vs Olympique Marseille

Rangers - Olympique Marseille 
Football : Clubs Friendly Matches 
 Sunday (14 July) 14:00 (GMT 0)
A convincing 4-0 victory over St Josephs in the last away game helped the team Steven Gerrard set a foot to the next round in the Europa League playground.
The recent victory continues to show the impressive performance of Rangers recently with a series of two consecutive wins. If you look further, it was the fourth victory that the Ibrox Stadium team got after the last five matches with 13 times of breaking the opponent's net.
On the other side of the battle line, following the visitors' team, there is no good preparation for the match until they have just won a 2-1 defeat to Accrington Stanley on away field. Although owning a quality team and creating a better game, in a day when Marseille's strikers proved too ungainly, coach and coach Andre Villas-Boas did not get favorable results

Not only the fair play, the defense is still a headache for the Portuguese strategist when he often makes mistakes. Specifically with the last two goals, it was the eighth time the Orange Velodrome owner team let the opponent concede just after the last five matches.
And before a high-performing attack like Rangers, it is too difficult for a representative of France to keep a clean sheet in the next match. In history, two teams have never encountered each other. However, with the erratic performance in recent times, it is too difficult for Marseille to win a favorable result in the next match.

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