Senegal 🇸🇳 vs Benin 🇧🇯

Senegal - Benin 
 Football : Africa Cup of Nations        Wednesday (10 July) 16:00 (GMT 0)

Senegal is currently ranked 22nd in FIFA World Cup, which is 66 points higher than the next competitor. However, Benin is currently playing very successfully at the moment. Therefore, the Asian books only let this match Senegal accept Benin 1 left, according to the expert, so he believes in Benin.
As the team with the highest rank in the region, Aliou Cissé's teachers are being highly expected by fans to win the tournament this time. However, Senegal has not shown much until now. At the round of the game, Aliou Cissé was surprised to Algeria, the opponent only ranked 68 on FIFA beat 1-0. In that match, Senegal had a very poor performance, the strikers only had exactly 2 shots on target. And in the match against Uganda recently, the opponent has only ranked 80 on FIFA. But Senegal only managed to win at least 1 goal, especially Aliou Cissé's teacher also created less chances than his opponent.
Africa Cup of Nations

On the other side of the battle line, Benin was only ranked 88th in the FIFA table but looking at the house still highly appreciated Dussuyer teachers and students. In this year's tournament, Benin has experienced 4 matches, 3 of which are met with stubborn names of the region. These are Marocco, Ghana and Cameroon, the former kings of Can Cup and are in the top 7 of Africa. All of those matches, Dussuyer teachers and students were excellent at keeping opponents.
In the eighth round, having to head to Marocco, the team is in extremely high form at Can Cup this time, but Benin is the team to score first. Although the opponent had a equalizer in the 75th minute but could do nothing more in the remaining official minutes as well as 2 extra time, although Benin had to play the lack of people when Adénon had to get a red card in the 97th minute. match. In the round of brainstorming, Dussuyer teachers and students competed immensely and had an extremely shocking 4-1 victory.

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