Sevilla vs Reading

Sevilla - Reading 
 Football : Clubs Friendly Matches 
 Saturday (13 July) 19:00 (GMT 0)
This Saturday will begin to really see the new Sevilla FC 19/20 with the dispute of the first summer friendly. The duel will be at 9:00 pm in San José de la Rinconada and, as usual, the official television of the club will be there to tell live.
The game against Reading FC will be offered on DTT and Vodafone TV, as well as on the official website of the club and the official profiles on YouTube and Facebook social networks, with the exception of the countries of England and Wales, for reasons of the television contract.

Likewise, the official app of Sevilla FC will not be able to see the match, and will be sent directly to the club's official website. It should be noted that the 1,800 tickets available at the Felipe del Valle stadium in San José de la Rinconada have already been sold out for Saturday.

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