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Sporting vs Liverpool

Thursday (25 July) 00:05 (GMT 0) 

Liverpool lost their second match in a row. This time, the team that made them taste bitter is Sevilla. In fact, this result has been anticipated by bongda365's experts based on both subjective and objective factors.

First, The Klop does not have the strongest force. Sadio Mane - Roberto Firmino - Mohamed Salah's trio, has yet to return to focus on the team.

Secondly, representatives of Spain are in very high form. They were never a pleasant opponent with the Red Brigade under Jurgen Klopp's reign. Be aware, the German strategist has not once helped his students win against Sevilla in the previous three encounters.

Despite the poor performance, the reigning champion of the Champions League still shows the positive side. Seeing Liverpool vs Sporting Lisbon saw that the reserve players and the young elements were quite well adapted to the tactical scheme that the coach set out.

Both of their failures ended with the close score. Clearly, The Klop's mentality is still very good and ready to explode again.

On the other side of the line, Sporting Lisbon is considered to be an easier option for Liverpool. Portuguese football has long ceased to be a formidable force in the European club level.

In addition, the performance of this team is also extremely low. Although only confronted by two rather poor representatives from Switzerland, they showed a rather weak face.

Sporting Lisbon's sporadic, lifeless gameplay makes it impossible for Sporting Lisbon to master the game. As a result, they lost 1 and drew 1. In the confrontation with Club Brugge afterwards, the situation did not flourish. 

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