St Patrick's vs Chelsea

St Patrick's - Chelsea 
 Football : Clubs Friendly Matches 
 Saturday (13 July) 13:00 (GMT 0)
Compared to the giants of England, Chelsea is the earliest focus team. This is also understandable when the Blues have just changed the general, and they need more time to prepare for the new season.

In the first match on the new position, new Lampard coach only helped Chelsea get a draw against Bohemian. But in return, Chelsea shows that the spirit of competition is commendable. With just a few adjustments, The Blues promises to be much more dangerous.

With the determination to find the first victory, Chelsea certainly did not hold back to St. Patricks. After the heat, the Blues will play more smoothly than the debut of Lampard coach.

The more convenient it is when this is the time for the St. player. Patricks is still quite heavy after failing in the Europa League preliminaries. About achievement, St. The Patricks are also unreliable when they have won just one seventh of their recent matches, and have lost two consecutive matches as bottom doors

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