Tranmere vs Liverpool

Tranmere - Liverpool 
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Thursday (11 July) 18:30 (GMT 0) 
Football experts said last season, Tranmere finished sixth in the League Two BXH, the fourth-place British league. This achievement helped Tranmere gain promotion play-off. Here, the white shirt team has excellently won the play-off round, so winning tickets to play in League One. Certainly, it was a heart-warming achievement for Tranmere fans.
But what Tranmere did last season was still small compared to another Merseyside team, Liverpool has created a dramatic race with Man City in the Premier League. Liverpool is the only runner-up in the history of the Premier League to have more than 90 points a season.

The impression of Liverpool has not stopped there. In the Champions League, Liverpool defeated Tottenham to win the European championship. Now, less than 6 weeks after raising the Champions League title, Juergen Klopp's teachers have returned to prepare for the new season. 
Liverpool will start their summer tour with a friendly friendly match against local rival Tranmere. In this match, many of Liverpool's mainstays have not been able to focus on the club. However, with names like Fabinho, Gomez, Matip, Ox-Chamberlain or Lallana, Liverpool still have the power to "make" Tranmere.

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