Villarreal vs West Bromwich

Villarreal - West Bromwich 
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Saturday (13 July) 17:00 (GMT 0)
Football experts say Villarreal has been one of the biggest teams to compete in the last season. They are expected to compete for a place in the top group in the La Liga BXH 2018/19, but all that "Yellow Submarines" can do is just luck to win a relegation ticket.

Obviously Villarreal did not want that to happen next season, and they regularly recorded players, besides the liquidation of names is no longer in line with coach Javi Calleja's philosophy. At this point, the real yellow submarine is getting the best frame.

Meanwhile, the other side is fighting, West Brom is going through a relatively difficult time. The failure to win a ticket to play in the English Premier League is a real shock to the Bilić army

The sadness of this team is further prolonged when they can not recruit really bright talents, while the main players are constantly breaking up with The Hawthorns.
Obviously, West Brom is facing too many disadvantages at the moment. That makes Villarreal's upcoming march to become more difficult than ever.

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