Young Boys vs Crystal Palace

Young Boys - Crystal Palace
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Saturday (13 July) 13:00 (GMT 0)
Until now, when the first match has passed, Young Boys will temporarily win the most points. They launched a victory with victory to destroy Eintracht Frankfurt, a very strong representative of Germany, with the score 5-1. Obviously this is a result that many people were surprised by Frankfurt is the team has reached the semi-finals of the Europa League last season.

Young Boys has focused on rehearsing since the end of June. Since then, they have played a total of 3 friendly matches and won 2. Remarkably, in addition to winning against Frankfurt, they beat a name representative Another German age is Stuttgart with a score of 3-1. Easy to see public goods is the strength of the home team when they have scored 9 goals in just 3 matches.

On the other side of the battle line, Crystal Palace also won against Luzern in the first round, but it was on penalties. Bàng Eagle 'is just a medium-sized team in the Premier League and has just gathered for about a week. Obviously the players of the England football team need more time to finish. Before Luzern, they could not show too much and were held at 1-1.

Moreover, Roy Hodgson has no service of the key name Wilfried Zaha when he is performing his national duty at CAN Cuo to color Ivory Coast. Certainly Crystal Palace's attack power will be severely affected.

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