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Bournemouth vs Sheffield United


Kickoff: 15:00

After being promoted to the 2015-2016 season, Bournemouth have always relied on success and last season they had 14th place on the rankings with 45 points after 38 rounds, more than the relegation group.  11 points, Eddie Howe's side played 6 friendly matches to assemble the squad and the result was quite satisfactory when they won 3 draws in 1 match and lost 2 matches, especially winning the previous 3 stars  Lyon a few days ago, with a perfect run, the Bournemouth players are getting very excited at the moment.

 As for Sheffield United, they excelled in second place in the Championship last season, meaning a direct promotion ticket to play in the highest league of the country this season, in preparation for 1  difficult season, the coach Chris Wilder coach has quite actively participated in friendly matches, they have won 4 games and lost 2 matches, however, these rivals are not appreciated and are almost the teams  The ball has been underestimated, but Sheffield United are still quite confident in the upcoming march.

 In the past, two teams have met each other four times in total and Sheffield United have won all four matches, however, these matches have been here for a long time, the last time was more recent.  6 years, at the moment there have been many changes, Bournemouth have been able to rank a few seasons and Sheffield United has only recently been promoted, so this will be a great opportunity for Bournemouth to defeat the opponent.  to improve their confrontation achievements. 

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