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Energie Cottbus vs Bayern Munchen

Last season, Cottbus competed in Germany's Third Division.  But the ranking of 17/20 teams made them drop to fourth place.  More bitter, the Claus-Dieter Wollitz strategist's team is equal to the point but is poor in the goal difference / defeat against the 16th-placed team - the closest relegation position.

 With the return to fourth place, Cottbus was almost no match to compete with Bayern Munich when the two sides met at the National Cup.  Even when playing at home, the Stadion der Freundschaft team is unlikely to have a chance to step past the "Gray Lobster" to enter the inner round.

 Since the beginning of the season, Cottbus has won 2 home games, but that is when they meet opponents on the same level.  Bayern Munich with the position of defending champion of the Bundesliga and the National Cup is much higher.  Not to mention, Bayern also possesses a dominant advantage against Cottbus.

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