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Leeds United vs Nottingham Forest

Kickoff:  12:30

This year's second round of the Championship will start with a match between Leeds and Nottingham Forest. The last season of Leeds passed with many regrets. From the fact that the most successful club in the UK lost points and the Premier League ticket straight away, they also failed to get a playoff match. However, coach Marcelo Bielsa is still retained by the management of this team. The only goal and the mandate of this Argentinian strategist is to bring Leeds back to the Premier League next year.

In addition to losing to a strong opponent, Manchester United, Leeds did not lose any battle during the pre-season. Even at the start of the match, they beat Bristol City 3-1 despite having to play on away field. There was a smooth start, round 2, this team will return to home to welcome a rather uncomfortable opponent is Nottingham Forest.

It was almost a decade when Nottingham Forest returned to the Championship. Even if you want to return tickets to the Premier League, but what the European Cup championship team has shown is not worthy. In addition to a few visits to the top 6 for a playoff ticket, Nottingham Forest only regularly plays in the middle of the standings. Last year, they finished ninth. With the direction of Coach Lamouchi, Nottingham Forest started this season with a defeat on their home turf against West Brom. Although the team has an early goal by the Cash but only over 10 minutes from 15 to 26 minutes, they were twice punctured by the visitors. Wading upstream and empty-handed after the first match, difficult signals are waiting for Nottingham Forest in front of the season. 

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