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Liverpool vs Chelsea

Overcoming Tottenham with a score of 2-0 in the Champions League final last season, Liverpool were able to qualify for this year's European Super Cup. With Chelsea, they also own this honor after burying the team with the city of Arsenal 4-1 at the Europa League final last season.

Historically, Liverpool have won 3/5 appearances in the European Super Cup. It was the coronation in 1977, 2001 and 2005. Meanwhile, Chelsea participated in this match in 1998, 2012 and 2013 but only stepped on the coronation podium at the first time.

In terms of experience and achievements in the European Cup, Liverpool outperformed Chelsea. Besides, Jurgen Klopp's army is still in good shape. This comes from a 4-1 win over Norwich City in the opening round of the Premier League opening weekend.

On the Chelsea side, the Stamford Bridge team has not yet formed under the new head coach Frank Lampard. It is easy to see the play of The Blues is still divergent, lack of good ideas and sharpness in the last ball phases while at the bottom, the crafts reveal many loopholes.

In the last two appearances, having met Monchengladbach (friendly) and Man United (Premier League), Chelsea have struggled when their opponents play at high speed. The conceding 6 times, especially the 0-4 defeat to M.U, showed that the Blues' defense system is very loose.

Weaknesses in the loss of Chelsea will have to receive poor results in the upcoming European Super Cup. In front of them is the army with a full number of stars, has shaped the play and has the ability to attack boom. It is feasible for the team to beat the green shirt to the match and be defeated by Liverpool.

At the last meeting between the two teams, in the Premier League's last season, Liverpool won with a score of 2-0. According to Liverpool vs Chelsea, Merseyside "Red Devils" capable of winning recurrence has a gap on a table against rivals from London.

Belief in Liverpool aside from their strength comes from another important factor, which is the odds in this game. Specifically, The Kop received a level of -1 even though it previously only accepted Chelsea at the highest level of -3/4. This action shows that the possibility of winning on the upper door is very high. 

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