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Liverpool vs Norwich

Liverpool has not had a good summer. Their achievement is very bad when they only win 1 victory in friendly matches with big names.

The lack of so many pillars on public goods makes the plan on The Kop's ball lacks the sharpness needed. Since then, they have not been able to master the game.

Even so, things seem to be starting to stabilize. The only victory over Lyon recently proved this.

Roberto Firmino returned and immediately scored. Mohamed Salah has not left many imprints but the cohesion of the team will soon help him regain his form soon.

They just lost to City in the Super Cup match. However, this is not too bad news. The confrontation between these two forces always takes place with a very unpredictable scenario.

Coach Jurgen Klopp is still there. The reign of the reigning Champions League champion remains intact. Entering the opening game of the Premier League, the chance of the Reds brigade's huge win was only to encounter rookie Norwich.

In particular, Liverpool also have a home base. At Anfield, they are ready to take down any guests.

On the other side of the battle line, Canaries return to the highest arena in the misty place as the reigning champion of the Championship. It took them 3 years to wait for this joy.

However, experience immaturity is likely to make Norwich difficult. The case of Cardiff or Fulham last season is an expensive lesson. 

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