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Napoli vs Barcelona

Before the confrontation with Barcelona, ​​Napoli are having 4 consecutive wins with 3 wins. In it, they defeated Liverpool in a convincing way 3-0.

Obviously, the performance of Serie A representatives is very flourishing at the present time. However, it was undeniable that the Red Brigade could not regain its inherent strength and lack of many pillars.

Their sublime success had to be in a deadlock in the confrontation with Lyon. Even Napoli had to pull the squad low to focus on protecting the goal.

Clearly, the excitement has been markedly reduced. Although they still managed to score 1 goal and win, they were unable to take the initiative during the match.

In front of tougher opponents, this drawback will have a very negative effect. This may be one of the reasons why they must receive defeat in the next encounter.

On the other side of the front line, Barcelona have just won against an Arsenal who is quite uplifting this summer. All positive indicators are tilted towards the Catalan Giant.

They create more dangerous situations. In addition, the players are not afraid to collide to limit the excitement of the opponent.

Notably, rookie Frankie de Jong received the best player award of this match. Looking at Napoli vs Barcelona, ​​he is very well integrated and will definitely shine even more. 

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