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Rangers vs Midtjylland

In the first leg match between the two teams on the field of Midtjylland, Rangers have shown their bravery when defeating their opponents with a score of 2-4, thereby taking a big advantage before the replay in the second leg here.  Rangers is a big club in Scotland and overcoming the UEFA Europa League qualifier is a simple task for them.

Football statistics today, Rangers is showing a very impressive performance in recent times, when teachers and coach Steven Gerrard owns ten consecutive games unbeaten in every arena.  In addition, the home field advantage will definitely not be difficult for Rangers to win.

On the opposite side, Midtjylland is a representative from Denmark, they are quite unfamiliar names for those who regularly watch European football.  With 2-4 defeat in the first leg, so it was too difficult for Midtjylland to turn the tide in the return leg.  In addition, Midtjylland also lost the last 5/10 matches.  Therefore, it is recommended to place a bid for Rangers in the next match. 

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