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Salford vs Leeds United

It would not be surprising if Leeds United filled out their name in the next round despite having to march to Salford City's League Cup this week.  The level of the two sides is quite different, while Salford is only playing in the 4th Division, Leeds United is in the First Division England Championship.

 Of course, with the superior class Leeds United is forecasted not to be difficult to track triumphs against Salford City, even a deep victory on the opponent's field.

 In addition, Salford City and Leeds United are all teams that have quite open play.  Specifically, Salford City's last 4 out of 5 home games and 5 of Leeds' last five away home trips ended with at least 3 vibrations per match.  

Salford City has an advantage at home but they are too weak against their opponents.  Even the recent performance of this team is extremely poor.  The last 4 matches.  They won 1 and lost 3 matches.  In particular, all of the 3 losing matches above are separated by 2 tables or more.

Meanwhile, Leeds United performed a much more impressive face than the host.  They won 4, drew 2 and lost only one match against the strong team Man United after their last 4 matches.  On the last march, Leeds United also had no trouble beating Bristol City 1-3.  Clearly, victory is hard to escape from the guests.

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