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Scunthorpe United vs Derby County

Maybe Scunthorpe United has always made it difficult for Derby County.  But at the moment, things will be hard to repeat the scenario like Scunthorpe United wants regardless of whether they are playing at home at Glanford Park this week.  Remember, Scunthorpe is currently only playing in the Third Division with an impressive performance.  While Derby County is a team that has almost succeeded in winning the most prestigious tournament in the UK.

 Scunthorpe United and Derby County clashes against each other to create an exciting and explosive goal.  As proof, the last time they encountered each other ended with a draw of 5 - 5. Broadly, the last 5 confrontations had 4 matches they ended with at least 4 goals recorded.

At times, Derby County's public performance was not so effective.  However, in front of a team that is not highly rated like Scunthorpe, this is an opportunity for guests to show off their abilities.  

Although he has a home field advantage, the experts do not appreciate Scunthorpe when placing them at the bottom door and accepting 1/2 left.  The disparity in the quality of the squad and the professional level between the two teams at this time is huge.  Even Scunthorpe United is in a bad shape.  In the last 2 matches, they lost both and conceded 6 times.

On the other side of the battle, Derby County has greatly strengthened when they successfully recruited former striker Wayne Rooney and DC United.  It can be said, despite being 34 years old, the expertise of the English striker is still very good.  Obviously, with the presence of this player, Derby is very confident for the way ahead.  

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