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Tottenham vs Aston Villa

Kickoff:  17:30

Excited to rank up, but it is likely that Aston Villa will have to receive unimaginable results in the game this season. Because, they have to come to Tottenham's stadium - the opponent has won Aston Villa in 9/10 recent encounters (draw 1). Even as a guest before the opponent, Vilal also lost the last 6/7 times.

The chances of Aston Villa failing to earn points are very high. but they can win on the betting side. Under the house of Tottenham vs Aston Villa, the third ranked Premier League team last season receiving a -1 1/2 ratio but overcoming this handicap is no small challenge.

This is the opening round of the season, the time when many teams have not achieved the best drop in performance. At that time, Tottenham's victory against a Aston Villa is highly stable through six consecutive wins in every arena that really deserves a big question.

Not to mention, Aston Villa is a very reliable address on betting after winning the match in 13/15 official matches since March this year. Whereas Tottenham only did this 4 times after the last 12 appearances, in which they lost in the last 3 home games despite having the upper position. 

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