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Tottenham vs Inter Milan

Tottenham have only had 1 defeat this summer. That was a 1-2 defeat against Man United. This achievement is clearly praiseworthy because rivals of Roosters are highly appreciated.

Right on the day of the army, they knocked down the defending champion of Serie A - Juventus. Next, the army of Mauricio Pochettino coach defeated Real Madrid. In the end, they won the Audi Cup championship after beating Bayern at the Alianz Arena.

Obviously, such a temporary performance cannot help Spurs through so many dangerous dangers. The flexible combination between attack and defense is the secret to help them win.

The first half of the match was usually the time when the representative of England presented a strong pressing. This has helped open opportunities.

In the second half, the Rooster took the initiative in lowering the formation and playing more cautiously. Even so, they are always ready to make the opponent's goal wobble by fast and highly accurate coordination phases. The ability of the striker to shoot the moment is very good.

On the other side of the battle line, Inter did not have the positive side. They are still having trouble penetrating the enemy's penalty area and scoring goals. 

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