EPL: Man United vs Man City

After a disappointing series of matches, now Manchester United is gradually showing its return when winning against Tottenham in the recent round. Although it is still too early to say that this team has really returned, the positive results nonetheless help their fans feel more secure before the unpleasant reception of Manchester City on the field. home in round 11 of the English Premier League.

With 4 points after the last 4 rounds, Manchester United is temporarily climbing to 5th place in the table with 17 points after 10 matches, this is an achievement that is not very proud for the team that is highly appreciated before. entering this season. Difficulty is something that perhaps the Old Trafford team has now begun to feel, but with a 3-point gap compared to the group of 4 leading teams, the Red Devils still have the confidence to head to important matches. important coming here.

Specifically, the encounter with quite strong rival Manchester City at Old Trafford. Underestimated compared to the away team, but to be fair, the ability of Manchester United to surprise in this match is entirely possible because the current performance of The Citizens is also extremely worrying.

The important victory over Club Brugge in the 4th round of the Champions League recently not only meant 3 points, but more than that, this victory helped Manchester City to shock their spirits after a series of very volatile matches before. in the Premier League. Although not playing very well this season, in the context that most of the other direct opponents are not playing well or even much worse, the current Etihad Stadium team is still holding the 3rd place. on the table with a gap of 5 points compared to the top team Chelsea.

Therefore, in the upcoming trip to Manchester United, caution as well as certainty is something that Manchester City needs to put on top if they do not want to lose the advantage in chasing the No. English Premier League, because the Old Trafford team has never been a team that is easily bullied.

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