ITA: Inter Milan vs AC Milan

Being ranked 3rd on the Italian league table, Inter Milan is extremely determined in the late round 12 away match with the second ranked team, AC Milan. Due to being 7 points behind this opponent, if they win against the Rossoneri, coach Simone Inzaghi’s teachers and students will certainly shorten the gap.

Having only drawn 1 match in the first 11 matches in Serie A this season, AC Milan is making its fans somewhat reassured because this team has a temporary safe distance of 7 points from the chasing group. However, the risk of losing the 2nd place is not absent if the San Siro team cannot maintain its stability in the coming period.

Therefore, what AC Milan needs to do at the moment is nothing but maintaining stability, if they do this well, the No. 1 position in the rankings will soon belong to them. Continuing to face a strong opponent, Inter Milan in the 12th round and having the home advantage in this match, coach Stefano Pioli’s teachers and students are highly expected to win their 8th consecutive victory in Serie A. It competes strongly for the top of the rankings, but it should be remembered that the away team is playing very stable at the moment.

Having won 2 impressive matches in the last 2 rounds, Inter Milan has made a spectacular breakthrough to rise to the group of teams capable of winning this season. However, the fans of the Nerazzurri should not be in a hurry because before the last 2 matches, their team has also experienced an unstable period. Therefore, the match against their direct opponent, AC Milan, is considered a very important 90 minutes, and determines whether coach Simone Inzaghi’s teachers and students can gain an advantage in the championship race in the season. this year or not.

Although the goal of 3 points is really difficult in this match when Inter Milan has an away disadvantage along with the home team AC Milan is in high form, but it is fair to say a beneficial result is not difficult if The away team is playing in accordance with their current form. Moreover, for teachers and coach Simone Inzaghi, getting at least one draw can also be considered a success for them, so in terms of competition mentality, the away team is the ones who have the advantage.

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