WCQ: Belgium vs Estonia

Meeting between the Belgium team and their rivals Estonia takes place within the framework of the World Cup Qualifying Championship, UEFA.

Date of the game: 13.11.2021 19:45

Historical summary of the team confrontations between the Belgian team and the Estonia team: The
confrontation between the Estonia team and the Belgium team on 02.09.2021 ended with the score 2: 5.
The confrontation between Estonia and Belgium team on 09.06.2017 ended with the score 0: 2.
The confrontation between the team Belgium and the team Estonia on 13.11.2016 ended with the score of 8: 1.
The matchup between Estonia and Belgium on 14.10.2009 ended with the score of 2: 0.
The meeting between Belgium and Estonia on 06.09.2008 ended with the score of 3: 2.

Team statistics:
Team: Belgium
Country: Belgium
Coach: Roberto Martinez

Team: Estonia
Country: Estonia
Coach: Haberli, Thomas

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