WCQ: France vs Kazakhstan

The clash between the France team and their rivals Kazakhstan takes place within the framework of the World Cup Qualifications tournament, UEFA.

Date of the game: 13.11.2021 19:45

Historical summary of the team confrontations between the French team and the Kazakhstan team: The
confrontation between the Kazakhstan team and the French team on 28.03.2021 ended with the score 0: 2.

Summary of the teams:
Team: France
Country: France
Coach: Didier Deschamps

Team: Kazakhstan
Country: Kazakhstan
Coach: Baysufinov, Talgat

France will host the bottom team of Kazakhstan at home in the next match, winning this match is not a difficult task for teachers and coach Didier Deschamps , but against a weak opponent like Kazakhstan, What fans are more interested in is how many goals Pogba and his teammates will score in this match.

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