Copa Libertadores

Palmeiras and Flamengo are currently the two giants of Brazilian football as well as in South America. In the Samba national championship, each club has been crowned twice in the past four seasons. In the number one arena on the continent named Copa Libertadores, Flamengo and Palmeiras were crowned in the last two years, respectively. Tonight, the two teams will meet in the final of the Copa Libertadores 2021. The civil war between the Brazilians is held at a neutral field in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

The football world has great confidence in the prospect that Flamengo will beat Palmeiras in the biggest game of the season. There is more than one reason to believe in the red-and-black striped team from the state of Rio de Janeiro.

First, Flamengo currently dominates in head-to-head records. Since the 2019 season until now, they have met Palmeiras 7 times in all competitions and won 5, the rest drew 2. This season alone, the army under the strategist Renato Gaucho experienced 3 battles with Palmeiras and Palmeiras. All sow to the opponent. The first was the Brazilian Super Cup (winning on penalties) before winning all two matches in the framework of the national championship.

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