EPL: Brighton vs Leeds United

After playing sublimely last season, Leeds fell without braking and currently has a very poor record in the Premier League this season. Even if a positive result cannot be obtained on Brighton’s field, it is likely that coach Marcelo Bielsa’s teachers and students will be pushed down to the group holding the red light. Confronted with a team that is very thirsty for points to compete for a ticket to the European Cup, Leeds indeed do not have many opportunities to overcome.

Brighton suddenly played very well at the beginning of this season, in which “Seagull” only lost 1/8 of the opening round and won to 4. At that time, Brighton was considered the “dark horse” of the tournament. continuously in the top group. The disciplined play makes Brighton very difficult to beat. However, as time went on, Brighton was gradually caught and could no longer maintain the stable performance as before. Since the draw with Crystal Palace at the end of September, Brighton has gone through a series of eight matches without a win in all competitions.

Specifically, teacher and coach Graham Potter drew 6 and lost 2 in the last 8 outings. In the Premier League alone, Brighton went through a series of 7 matches without a win. This result made them drop to 9th place in the table, in which Brighton won 4, drew 5 and lost 3 after 12 rounds. Currently with 17 points, the Amex stadium team is 3 points behind the group that has tickets to the European Cup. The upcoming encounter with Leeds is an opportunity for Brighton to improve their rankings. It should be remembered that Brighton won 8/9 matches against Leeds in all competitions. This team even kept a clean sheet in all 5 visits to Leeds at home and scored 2 or more goals in 6/7 matches.

The team that got the opening goal first thanks to Daniel James, but in the end, Leeds still let Tottenham beat back with a score of 2-1. That is also the familiar image of Leeds in the Premier League this season. In the 2nd consecutive season in the Premier League, Leeds is showing a disappointing face. In the last 5 rounds, they only got 1 win against rookie Norwich. From the beginning of the season, Leeds only won 2, drew 5 and lost 5 after 12 rounds.

This team is currently in 17th place on the table with 11 points and only 2 points above the relegation group. Leeds of course need a victory to revive the fighting spirit, but they have lost 3/4 of their recent away matches. From being a beautiful and effective attacking team last season, after 12 matches this season, Leeds’ attack scored only 12 goals. Not to mention Leeds’ defense also had a big problem and conceded 20 times. In the 2 encounters with Brighton last season, Leeds lost and could not score. In front of a very predestined opponent, there was no door for Leeds to make a surprise.

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