EPL: Brentford vs Everton

Brentford played very well in the early part of the season and they are also the rookies who left the most impressions. However, that time did not last long and the home team at Brentford Community gradually showed their true form with a very poor performance recently. In the next round, coach Thomas Frank and his team will have a reception for an Everton who is also going downhill. Will home advantage be enough to help Brentford retain 3 points, or will Everton’s level speak at the right time?

Despite playing very well at Newcastle’s field in the previous round, however, in the end, Brentford still only left with 1 point after holding a 3-3 draw. It was also the third match in a row that Brentford did not have the joy of winning. Calculating the last 5 rounds Brentford is unbeaten when drawing 1 and losing to 4. This is a very difficult time because at the beginning of the season Brentford played very well. After a total of 12 matches played in the Premier League this season, Brentford won 3, drew 4 and lost 5. Currently, this rookie is in 14th place on the table with 13 points.

Although not under too much pressure from the group holding the red light, but with 4 points more, it is clear that Brentford needs to quickly regain his form. Brentford’s home form is very poor, because the last 5 times they welcomed guests they lost 4 and only drew 1. They only had 1 win at home against Arsenal on the opening day, since then Brentford fell. into a crisis of form at home. Brentford both scored quite well but also conceded a lot, as a result they often lost points unfortunately. Confronting Everton, who are desperate to win to end a series of crises, it is clear that Thomas Frank’s teachers and students need to play carefully.

Everton is an ambitious team in the Premier League, but in recent seasons they have not left a really clear mark. Last weekend, teacher and coach Rafael Benitez lost 0-3 as a guest of Man City. Similar to their opponents, this was the period when Everton fell into a very serious crisis of form. In the last 6 consecutive rounds, Everton did not win, but drew 2 and lost to 4. The last time that Everton got 3 points was in the confrontation with Norwich at the end of September. If considered away, Everton did not win all 4 trips. recent away from home (draw 1, lose 3).

Since the beginning of the season, Everton have won 4, drawn 3 and lost 5. So with 15 points, Everton is in 11th place on the table. The competition is too unstable, the goal of competing for a ticket to the European Cup is very difficult for Everton. Everton’s defense is having many problems recently and has conceded 11 goals after just the last 5 rounds. Since the beginning of the tournament, their goalkeeper has had to go into the net to pick up the ball 19 times. In the past, Everton only met Brentford once in the English League Cup and the two teams drew, then the home team won on penalties.

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