EPL: Arsenal vs Southampton

Returning to the home field to welcome Southampton is a good opportunity for Arsenal to regain the joy of victory in the context of having just received 2 consecutive defeats recently.

Arsenal has dropped to 7th place in the rankings, 4 points behind the top 4 with a gap of 4 points. There was a chance to squeeze in, but with the recent 2 consecutive defeats, they could not get what they wanted. Coach Arteta still has a lot of work to do with his team.

After the sublimation period, Arsenal is still showing its immaturity. All 3 defeats took place away from home and against unpleasant opponents. Fortunately, at home, they are still performing well with a series of 5 consecutive victories recently. This will help the gunner gain confidence in the next round. Especially when the opponent Southampton is not showing much at this stage.

Southampton are only 16th in the rankings with 16 points won after 15 rounds, 6 points ahead of the group holding the red light but playing 1 more game. After a period of prosperity, they had a decline when the game was unstable.

It is calculated that Southampton have not won in the last 4 rounds with 2 draws and 2 defeats. Away from home, they lost 2 matches in a row, it is worth mentioning that there is also a weak team Norwich City. The defense is very poor with 6 goals conceded. As a defensive team, Southampton is showing a weak mentality. With this performance, the possibility of having to taste their bitter fruit on the next trip is very likely.

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