EPL: Norwich vs Aston Villa

Norwich City will host Aston Villa in the round of 16 of the Premier League 2021/2022. The situation of the two teams at this time is completely opposite when Aston Villa has climbed to the middle of the table, while Norwich City has sunk at the bottom of the table.

This also shows clearly how the performance of the two sides is. With Aston Villa, the presence of coach Steven Gerrard on the bench has helped this team change markedly. Villa Park home team won the last 3/4 matches.

Even in the match against the top team Man City, they played excellently and only had to lose with a score of 2-1. If maintaining this form, it is entirely possible that Aston Villa can rise to a higher position.

Meanwhile, Norwich City seems to “miss the smell” of the First Division when they started badly when they finished at the bottom of the table and were in danger of relegation after only 1 season of playing in the Premier League.

The fighting style of the Canaries is still the same as ever: bloodthirsty, enthusiastic, but in the end, it still only has an “innocent” face to the top teams in the Premier League. Most likely the next match, NHM will again see Norwich lose points at their home field.

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