FA: Chelsea vs Chesterfield

Only having to welcome the too weak Chesterfield team in the FA Cup arena, the ticket to continue is almost certainly within the reach of the Chelsea players.

Chelsea have been lost in the championship race in the English Premier League when 10 points behind the top team. Because of the epidemic situation as well as injuries, they will certainly launch a reserve squad to welcome Chesterfield in the next FA Cup.

It is likely that Chelsea will only play with a reserve team, even many players from U23. However, they are still highly appreciated in terms of strength compared to Chesterfield. The situation is quite tense, so the Blues really want to get jubilant victories to be able to shock the spirit of the players. Therefore, if they play with focus and determination, they can completely win the gap against Chesterfield in this battle.

Chesterfield is just a low-level football team in the English football system. Having to face Chelsea is really too big of a challenge for them. Chesterfield’s goal is probably just to play and rub against each other and minimize the number of goals that must be conceded.

In fact, Chesterfield is playing not so bad. They own a series of 7 consecutive unbeaten matches away from home recently. However, it is clear that these opponents are not appreciated. Although I really want to create a surprise, I should remember that my opponent Chelsea is showing great determination to be able to regain the excitement. Therefore, it is highly likely that Chesterfield will receive a crushing defeat in this operation.

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