FA: Hull vs Everton

Hull welcomes Everton at home to MKM Stadium in the third round of the FA Cup. The home team is playing very hard in the Championship this season and has been in extremely unstable form recently. In the current difficult situation, the “Tigers” have very few opportunities to surprise a seasoned Everton.

The home team of MKM Stadium has just opened the new year with a 0-1 defeat at Blackpool. It was also Hull’s second consecutive loss at the Championship playground after tasting the bitter fruit against Nottingham. In fact, Hull has not won the last 4 outings (draw 2, lose 2). After 24 matches played in the English First Division this season, Hull only won 6, drew 5 and lost to 13. Currently with 23 points, Hull is in 19th place on the table. They are only 4 points ahead of the group holding the red light and of course this number is not really safe at the moment.

The attack is so bad that it is the leading reason pushing Hull into a difficult position. After 24 rounds, but Hull’s strikers only fired 20 times, this number is only better than Barnsley who is struggling in the group holding the red light. At home, Hull’s record is better, with the last 3 times unbeaten (won 2, drew 1). However, when the opponent will be the big name Everton, the challenge for Hull will be pushed to the highest level. It should be remembered that the last clash between the two teams, Hull lost to Everton 0-4.

Everton just had a disappointing match when they lost 2-3 to Brighton at Goodison Park. Thus, in the last 3 rounds in the Premier League, teachers and coaches Rafael Benítez were unbeaten (draw 1, lost 2). Away from home, Everton is going through a series of 8 matches without knowing the taste of victory (draw 3, lose 5). Currently, Everton are having difficulty when they are only 15th in the table with 19 points. In which the away team won 5, drew 4 and lost 9 after 18 rounds, but there were still 2 matches postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

From a team that aims to break into the European Cup group, now Everton are only 8 points ahead of the group holding the red light. The crisis of force because of injury is making the Toffees stand still. In the upcoming match, a series of names like Delph, Townsend, Mina, Davies, Richarlison can’t play because of injury. Of course with the remaining factors in the squad, Everton still proved to be completely superior to Hull. Not to mention this is the time when the Toffees desperately need a victory to revive the fighting spirit.

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