FA Cup 2022

The past time has been a difficult time for Birmingham as they struggled a lot in finding a stable ranking in the English first division. This weekend Birmingham will host Plymouth in the third round of the FA Cup. An opportunity for the home team to find a ticket to continue when the opponent is a much weaker team, how will the army of coach Lee Bowyer make any calculations to create an effective game?

Birmingham have not had a good start to the season this year when they are still struggling in the lower area of ​​the table. Specifically, the home team of St. Andrew’s is getting 27 points and ranked in 18th place, the last 24 rounds they have only brought back 7 victories. In general, the strength of coach Lee Bowyer’s teachers and students recently compared to the common ground of the first division is still too disparate, the home team always has difficulty in finding stability from the squad as well as how to organize gameplay function. The last 5 outings Birmingham also got only 1 win, 1 draw and 3 defeats, it is necessary to immediately improve this issue so that they can deploy a more effective game in the upcoming welcome. next.

Plymouth entered the 2021-2022 season quite smoothly in the English 3rd division when they were still one of the names in the top 6 teams at the moment. After 24 rounds, they won 12, drew 7, lost 5 and are currently ranked 6th with 43 points in hand, the gap at the moment with the top 3 is only 2 points. Coach Ryan Lowe’s team is making remarkable strides this season when they show quite an impressive performance, which is completely different from the bleakness that the away team showed last season. Despite receiving a 1-2 defeat against Sunderland, Plymouth quickly compensated for the loss in points with 2 victories shortly after, which will also help the visitors reduce a lot of the pressure they have to bear in the tournament. upcoming trip away from home.

Despite having a fulcrum at home, with unconvincing performances in recent times, Birmingham will certainly not dare to take too much risk to deploy a style of play that favors too much speed in this match. The selection of the game will definitely help the home team reduce the possibility of mistakes. Although the previous matches between the two teams often had a lot of goals, but with the current situation, it is very difficult for this scenario to happen.

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