FRA: Lyon vs PSG

Paris Saint-Germain will have to march to Lyon’s field in the next round. Promising a match that is not easy awaits when their ability to play away from home has not improved much.

This season, Lyon played very disappointingly when they were only 11th in the rankings. They were far behind the group that attended the European Cup with a distance of 8 points. If they don’t play well quickly, the possibility that Lyon can complete their goal is very low.

Lyon’s recent performance has been relatively poor indeed. Although they did not lose, but the last 3 matches they were drawn by the opponents. However, at home, the Lyon players still somewhat showed their confidence. Besides, they are a team that owns an even and quality squad. Also the gameplay is quite annoying. Therefore, if you play with determination and focus, the possibility that Lyon will win points against PSG is quite high.

Paris Saint-Germain has created a very safe distance from the 2nd place team in the championship race. Although highly appreciated, the performance so far of the rich man in France is not really convincing. Impressive at home, but still disappointing away.

Calculating, Paris Saint-Germain only won 1 victory in the last 4 rounds. Although they did not lose, they were held to a draw of 3 matches even though they were against opponents that were judged to be much weaker. At home, Mbappe and his teammates only won the last 2/4 matches. Both the defense and the defense were weak. Promising a not-so-easy match awaits them in the upcoming trip away from home.

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