FA: Man United vs Aston Villa

Not only having played extremely disappointingly in recent times, but the army of coach Steven Gerrard also suffered a large loss in terms of force. Therefore, when they had to march to Old Trafford, Aston Villa were also hardly confident in getting a good result because they were also defeated by Manchester United in the last 3/5 encounters.

After a 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace, since then, there have been 3/5 recent matches in all competitions where Manchester United do not know the smell of victory. Worth mentioning, the last 3 rounds in the Premier League, the Red Devils only won 1 victory. In the previous round, the Old Trafford team also lost to a team in crisis like Wolves. Those sad results pushed Ralf Rangnick’s teachers and students from the group competing for the European Cup to 7th place in the rankings.

It must also be said that the home field is not a fulcrum for Manchester United. Since the beginning of December until now, the Red Devils have only had 2 wins at home in all competitions, the rest drew 1 and lost 1. However, they only had to host an Aston Villa in 3 Cups. The FA is also considered a very good opportunity for teachers and coaches Ralf Rangnick to regain form because their opponent has a bad record in recent times.

Despite bringing Steven Gerrard to replace Dean Smith, Aston Villa has not yet escaped the crisis. The proof is that the last 4/6 matches under the guidance of this former Rangers coach, the Villa Park team still has not won with a losing record. Most recently, they just let Brentford beat with a score of 1-2.

It should be known that, Aston Villa has gone through 12/19 rounds with only draws and losses in the Premier League (1 draw and 11 losses). An extremely disappointing achievement of the Birmingham team. Currently, with only 22 points after 19 rounds, The Villa has dropped to 13th place in the rankings. The away field also does not bring peace of mind to the fans of this team. Statistics show that the Villa Park home team has lost 4 of the last 6 away matches.

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