EFLCup: Tottenham vs Chelsea

Losing to Chelsea with a difference of 2 goals in the first leg made the chances of Tottenham players going on to become extremely difficult.

Tottenham had to receive their first defeat under coach Conte. It was the first leg against Chelsea. They had a disappointing match on both the offensive and defensive fronts, the personal mistake had to pay the price. However, this is not too difficult to understand when the rooster’s ability to play away from home is somewhat poor.

Indeed, before the trip to Chelsea, Tottenham showed an unconvincing face when playing away. They struggled to win against Watford with some luck, before being held by Everton and Southampton. Contrary to that situation, at home Tottenham played impressively with consecutive victories. They even beat Liverpool if they are lucky. Therefore, the rooster is not an easy opponent to play at home.

After a difficult time, Chelsea had 2 consecutive victories in the League Cup and FA. This is a very commendable challenge of coach Thomas Tuchel’s teachers and students because before that they performed a very faint and disappointed face.

There has been progress in attack but it is clear that these opponents of Chelsea have problems or are too weak. Despite winning against Tottenham at home, the opponent actually had an underpowered match, which created conditions for the Blues to seize the opportunity. In the second leg, when Tottenham are played at home, which is said to be a very solid fulcrum, it is not easy for Chelsea to continue to have a victory.

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