ESP: Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Just having to face a declining Barcelona at the moment is a good opportunity for Real Madrid to win tickets to play in the final.

After a tough victory over the lower team in the King’s Cup, Barcelona continued to disappoint when they only won 1 point on Granada’s field in the last round in Laliga. This result makes them lose the opportunity to temporarily enter the top 3 strongest teams on the rankings.

Although there has been progress under coach Xavi, it is clear that Barcelona have not shown convincing in their play. Most of the wins are due to luck. Currently, their squad does not have outstanding players to lead the game, even if they are too inexperienced to fight. Therefore, it is difficult for the Catalan team to create a surprise in the semi-final against Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is still leading the championship race in Laliga. After a bad start in 2012, they have shown a strong comeback with 2 recent wins in a row. It seems that the players are not ready, so they were disappointed in the previous Getafe clash.

It can be seen that Real Madrid maintains its stability very well. They still retain an extremely quality frame. With his experience and class, Benzema is the leader in both spirit and expertise of the royal team. The last 4 encounters with Barcelona, the white vultures won quite easily. Perhaps the next rematch is no exception.

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