EPL: Norwich vs Everton

Only having to face the bottom team Norwich in the next round is clearly too good a chance for Everton to regain the joy of victory.

Norwich are still diving at the bottom of the rankings with only 10 points won after 20 rounds. They are being distanced by the safety group. Although the chance of relegation is still there, if the situation is not improved, it is very difficult for the canaries to turn the situation around.

In fact, Norwich also had a good time. However, then they quickly returned to the face of disappointment with the recent consecutive failures. The defense is loose and the attack is extremely deadlocked. Owning a somewhat poor-quality squad makes it difficult for Norwich. With this situation, it is difficult to expect their ability to make a story against Everton. Despite having the advantage of the yard in hand.

Everton are also struggling this season. In fact, they had a very good start, but then because the injury situation was so serious, it made them difficult. It is promised that when the pillars return at this stage, Benitez’s teachers and students will have a strong comeback.

It can be seen that Everton have improved their ability to score goals, but the defense still has a real problem when it is loose. The absence of central defender Mina makes them fall into this situation. However, compared to Norwich, Everton is still much higher in both class and strength. Therefore, if you play with determination, there is a high possibility that Everton players can still bring them victory in the upcoming clash.

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