NFL 2022 | Wild Card

The National Football League is the largest competition of this sport in the United States and was created in 1920. In the following article we will tell you how the NFL works and what you need to know to become an expert in this discipline.


The sports league that raises the most money in the world – yes, more than football or soccer, as the Americans call it – is in turn a discipline based on statistics and history, as is the case with baseball, for example.

To begin with, they are based on the ‘draft‘, what is that? It is the moment in which teams can sign the players they need, after observing the performance of the ‘promises’ of the university leagues.

The draft arose so that not only the important teams would keep the best rookies but so that everyone could have good players in their ranks.

This event is divided into seven rounds, and in it the 32 teams that make up the NFL have to find the players they need among the 250 available. In just three days the selections are made

Obviously, like everything that happens in the United States, the draft is a spectacle attended by fans; in addition, it is followed by television broadcasting.


The NFL is made up of teams –or franchises– from various regions and cities in the country, divided into two regions: National and American, and into four subdivisions: North, South, East and West, depending on the geographic location of each one’s headquarters. It is normal to make a ‘mess’ at first, but little by little you will understand the mechanics of the organization.

After the ‘off season’ or off-season, in which there are no disputes and the teams take the opportunity to make hires (with the draft or with passes between professionals) and rest, the first great moment of the American football league is the ‘ preseason ‘.


The regular season runs between September and December every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday evening.

To make it easier to understand what the dynamics of the NFL are like, we will explain it with a specific team: the Atlanta Falcons. They are in the NFC –National Football Conference– of the South subdivision, and they share the group with three other teams: Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaners.The Falcones must face each of these three teams twice, both away and home.

Additionally, he has to measure himself against a whole group from the same conference (north, east or west, one of them); For example with the West, made up of the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahaws. This changes every season because it is done by lottery.

Then he must face a whole group from the other conference (American Football Conference or AFC), also divided according to the cardinal points. For example, it could be with the East division, made up of the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and New York Jets.

Finally, he plays with two teams from his own conference, but from a different zone, and who finished in the same positions last season. For example, this year it would be the Minnesota Vikings (North) and the Philadelphia Eagles (East).

NFL or American football is a term that brings together both physical and mental qualities.

It is simpler than it seems: in total each team plays 16 games –12 with teams from their conference and four with those of the other– and the best classified go to the next stage: the playoffs.