EPL: Everton vs Aston Villa

Having the advantage of the field, but Everton are not appreciated in the reception of Aston Villa. Promising a tough match awaits them.

After a series of disappointing matches, Everton fell to 16th place in the rankings. Although there is still a safe distance from the “red light” group, if they do not perform well, they can completely fall into the relegation battle this season.

In total, Everton only won 1 win in the last 13 matches, in which they lost 9 matches. Even at home, they did not show much when they lost 4, drew 1 and lost 1 in the last 6 matches. Their defense at this time is very poor when they often have to concede many goals. This achievement led to coach Benitez being fired. The current situation of the team is unstable.

Aston Villa have just made an impressive comeback to win 1 point against Manchester United. They are still maintaining stability under coach Steven Gerrard. Notably, Aston Villa had quality contracts in the last transfer window.

Right on his debut, rookie Coutinho had an impressive match when he came on as a substitute. The Brazilian midfielder scored 1 goal and provided 1 assist for his teammates to score. In particular, the gameplay has been greatly improved on the offensive front. With the current excitement, Aston Villa is hunting to create a surprise against Everton.

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