EPL: Aston Villa vs Leeds United

Leeds still cannot keep stability. Having to march to Aston Villa’s yard at the moment is not an easy challenge for them.

Aston Villa have just won a minimum victory on Everton’s field, this result helps them stay firmly in 11th place in the rankings, a safe distance from the relegation group. The mentality as well as the spirit of the players is very high.

Since taking charge, coach Steven Gerrard has helped Aston Villa out of crisis. Their recent achievement is quite remarkable with solid and effective play. The contract named Coutinho immediately became effective. Promise they will get good results in the next round to return home.

Leeds played better than at the beginning of the season. However, they could not keep the stability in their play. Leed has just disappointed when he finished at home against Newcastle with the minimum score, before that they won 2 matches in a row.

Used to be a sublimated team, but this season Leeds has clearly declined. They can no longer maintain the excitement with the fast attacking play. The record at home is very lackluster with only 1 win in the last 5 matches. With this performance, the possibility that Leeds will have to taste bitter fruit in the next trip is not low.

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