EPL: Norwich vs Crystal Palace

Norwich have shown signs of improvement. Promising they will create many difficulties for Crystal Palace despite being underestimated.

Norwich have temporarily exited the area holding the red light. After a period of consecutive defeats, they got themselves all 6 points in the last 2 rounds. The canary has just defeated Wolves in the FA Cup playground.

It can be seen that Norwich has made remarkable progress in both attack and defence. However, the previous poor performance was also partly because these opponents were too strong. Currently, the confidence of the players is on the rise. Therefore, in front of a team that is only slightly better than Crystal Palace, the possibility of Norwich scoring is very high.

Crystal Palace got off to a good start under coach Viera. However, recently they have not been able to maintain the stability as before, the performance of the players has slowed down with 3 consecutive matches that only know draws and losses. The ability to play away from home is very poor.

Calculating, in the last 4 rounds, Crystal Palace had to receive 3 defeats and only got 1 draw. Broadly speaking, they have only won 1 match in 10 matches played this season. A somewhat lax defense is the cause of these poor results. Promising a very difficult match awaits the eagle on the next trip away from home.

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