Only having to welcome the struggling team Genoa in the National Cup, the ticket to continue can hardly escape the hands of AC Milan players.

AC Milan has just had an impressive victory over Venezia, this result helps them maintain the 2nd place in the rankings with 1 point less than the top team but played 1 more game. After a period of stagnation, coach Pioli’s army is showing a strong comeback.

Indeed, the last 3 matches AC Milan have won convincingly. The attack was extremely explosive when shooting up to 10 times. The players showed confidence and good form again. This is really meaningful in the context that they are competing fiercely for the championship in Serie A. Besides, the red half of Milan will have the best mentality in welcoming Genoa in the National Cup. family. The next big victory will most likely come to them.

Genoa is standing at the penultimate position of the rankings in Serie A. Their situation has not improved when they have just received a defeat at home against the weak team Spezia. This makes Genoa not really interested in the National Cup playground.

Although he has played more focused, Genoa’s attack ability is still very bad. The last 3 matches only fired once. They often have to receive defeats with a score difference against strong teams. Therefore, in front of an extremely excited AC Milan, the possibility of having to taste the bitter fruit of Genoa is very high.

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