Club World Cup | Final

Chelsea is much more appreciated than Al Hilal. This helps them gain confidence in their ability to qualify for the Club World Cup.

Al Hilal is a team from Saudi Arabia, they had a jubilant victory over Al-Jazira in the second round with a score of 6-1. This shows that Al Hilal is not a team that is easily bullied. However, compared to Chelsea, they are still far behind in terms of level.

Indeed, Al Hilal is a team that owns a lot of players who have played in Europe. However, most are players who do not show too much or are on the other side of the slope. Therefore, in front of a Chelsea who is also showing great determination, the ability to create surprises for the Asian representative is not high.

Chelsea overcame Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup playground with a hard way. Their recent form is not really good, although playing with a very strong squad, the Blues cannot show too much, especially the attack is somewhat deadlocked.

There was a time when Chelsea showed an explosion when they regularly got jubilant victories, all their positions could open fire. However, at this time, it appeared to be blurred, striker Lukaku was lost in attack. However, it is impossible to underestimate Chelsea when they play in the domestic playground. Confidence will be shown again.

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