EPL: Brentford vs Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace played weakly when away from home. This is a good opportunity for Brentford to regain the joy of winning after a very long time.

Brentford is in a very difficult period. They are owning a series of 5 consecutive defeats in the English Premier League. However, it must be admitted that the “swarm of bees” has clashed with very strong opponents such as the two halves of Manchester, Liverpool or Wolves.

At his home ground, in front of medium-sized teams, Brentford still showed his ability with victories against Aston Villa, Everton or Watford. They only lost to strong opponents. This shows that Brentford is still maintaining stability in his play. It is promised that they will have good results in the next home match against Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace is playing quite well under coach Viera. However, it is undeniable that recently they have not kept the excitement as before. In particular, the eagle’s ability to play away from home is very alarming recently.

Indeed, Crystal Palace did not win in the last 7 rounds when playing away from home. The last victory was 4 months ago. Poor defense was the cause of these disappointing results. Although holding the ball a lot, the efficiency is not high. Therefore, it will not be surprising that Crystal Palace will have to taste bitter fruit in the next trip.

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