EPL: Liverpool vs Norwich City

Norwich City must march to Liverpool’s field in the next round. Despite their best efforts, it was too difficult for them to create a surprise.

Liverpool have shown their strong comeback. This helps them maintain a distance of 9 points from the top team and play less than 1 match. Although the chance to win the championship is not high, but not so that the red brigade played lack of determination.

In the last transfer period, Liverpool has recruited a very quality winger, Diaz, which helps their attack ability to be increased in both quality and quantity. The duo Mane and Salah are back. Promising that they will play more explosively after successfully competing in the CAN Cup. Notably, at home, coach Klopp’s teachers and students proved extremely explosive when they often won the difference.

Norwich City has had excellent matches. However, they could not do anything against a too strong Manchester City in the last round. Played at home, but the canary had to receive a crushing defeat with 4 goals not removed.

In fact, Norwich City is a team with a somewhat limited force compared to other rivals. Statistics show that their ability to create surprises when facing strong opponents is extremely low, even often having to face defeats, especially when playing away. Therefore, a crushing defeat to Norwich on the next trip is not surprising.

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