EPL: Leeds United vs Man United

Only having to face a struggling Leeds United will be a good opportunity for Manchester United to take all 3 points.

Leeds United have not been themselves this season. They are even being chased by the relegation group. Recent achievements have not shown signs of improvement. Coach Bielsa’s teachers and students just had to receive a scattered defeat on the field of Everton.

Even at home, Leeds United also lost to Newcastle in the last round. They used to be an annoying opponent with strong teams, but this season they did not show much, even often lost to cooperation with very poor pressure tolerance. Currently most of the pillars are suffering from injuries. Promising a very difficult match awaits the Leeds United players.

Manchester United have just found the joy of winning again when they beat Brighton with 2 goals. This result is really important, it helps the players relieve a lot of pressure. Especially the offensive line is in a stalemate.

In fact, before that, Manchester United’s performance was not so bad. They played overwhelmingly compared to the opponents but could not finish and had to accept the draw result. With a strong force, the red devil still controls his game very well. When there is excitement, the possibility that the red half of Manchester will return triumphant song is very high.

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