EPL: Wolves vs Leicester City

Leicester City is in a difficult period. This is a good opportunity for the Wolverhampton players to beat their opponents.

Wolverhampton is competing for tickets to the Europa League. They just got an impressive victory on Tottenham’s field with 2 goals not equal. An important victory to regain morale after a rather painful defeat to Arsenal in the previous round.

In fact, Wolverhampton had a rough start to the season. However, they played progress under coach Bruno Lage. Recently, they have shown quite impressive performance when they won 5/7 matches, of which only 1 match was lost. The wolves have a fairly uniform and quality lineup. The counter-attack defensive play is annoying and effective. Their goal is all 3 points in the next round.

Leicester City played poorly in this season. From a team competing for tickets to the Champions League, they are now struggling in the middle of the rankings. It is even difficult to be in the top 6 strongest teams at the end of the season.

It can be seen that Leicester City’s decline is due to many reasons. The force is lacking, the performance of the players has gone down a lot. Although they are still confident at home, they are very weak on the away field. The last 3 marches all had to admit defeat, the defense proved to be loose and lack of concentration. It will not be surprising if the foxes will have to taste the bitter fruit on the next march.

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