EPL: Liverpool vs Leeds United

Liverpool continue to play at home to welcome Leeds in the next round. A victory is unlikely to get out of their hands.

With the defeat of Manchester City, Liverpool have narrowed the gap against the top team to only 6 points and played less than 1 match. This is really good news, the motivation to compete for the championship has increased significantly.

In fact, Liverpool just had a rather difficult match when Norwich took the lead. It must be thanks to the brilliance of individuals, especially Salah, who helped them come back successfully. However, every time the red brigade was highly appreciated, they suddenly did not perform at their own strength. Even at home it was difficult. Therefore, it is difficult to expect a jubilant victory of coach Klopp’s teachers and students in the next round.

Leeds are showing the opposite face to last season. Currently, they are even competing for relegation when the group “holding the red light” gradually narrows the gap. If they don’t play well and improve, Bielsa’s teachers and students may completely regret at the end of the season.

The most noticeable thing is that Leeds no longer maintains the same discomfort as before. They played erratically, especially with a poor record when playing away from home. The thin force plus no quality recruits made Leeds quickly run out of breath. However, when they are trying to stay relegated, they promise that they will not be easily defeated by Liverpool in the next clash.

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