Europa League | ROUND OF 12

Lyon has created a certain advantage when defeating Porto right on the opponent’s field in the first leg. This result will make them much easier to kick in the next rematch.

Despite showing disappointment in the domestic league, Lyon is showing its ability in the Europa League. They easily passed the group stage with the first place. In the recent Porto match, the French representative also played well and created an advantage with the minimum victory.

Really, it is impossible to underestimate the teams that struggle in the domestic league because they are extremely determined in the European Cup playground. Lyon is the clearest example of this. When the ability to play at home is very good, teachers and coaches Peter bosz are expected to get a good result in the second leg against Porto. Confidence is what the French representative is having.

FC Porto has just had a jubilant victory on Tondela’s field. They are showing an impressive face in the domestic league. However, having to play in the Europa League partly shows that the “dragons” can hardly compete successfully on many fronts.

That’s because Porto had to lose at home to Lyon in the Europa League before. Rated higher, but they played quite poorly. The game between the two teams is relatively even. Although the away record is not too bad, but being forced to win in this second leg will most likely make the Portuguese representative hold a grudge. Remember, Porto is only good at defending and counter-attacking.

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