WCQ: Portugal vs Turkey

Turkey will face a huge challenge when they have to be a guest of Portugal in the 2022 World Cup Play-off semi-final. Moreover, if they concede a goal first and are forced to attack – never before. Now is their strong point, of course, coach Stefan Kuntz’s teachers and students will be embarrassed.

When playing at home in the 2022 World Cup Play-off semi-final, Portugal has a huge advantage on the field and great morale. Remember in their home, the European Selecao keeps a pretty good record in the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign. Specifically, 3/4 matches in the group stage they all won professionally, conceding exactly 1 goal ( in a 2-1 win over Ireland), scoring an average of more than 2.6 goals per 90 minutes played.

Portugal possesses a superior human element. In addition to the players playing in the English Premier League like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes.. there are also names that are in high form like Raphael Guerreiro and Andre Silva (playing in the Bundesliga)… All created uniformity in the lines.

In the opposite direction, the most prominent name of Turkey is probably midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu, in addition, they are also led by experienced coach Stefan Kuntz. The pressure on Turkey is not small because they must win to hope to save the chance to go to Qatar. But overall, the task of coach Stefan Kuntz and his students seems impossible.

Moreover, the real strength and also the main style of play of Turkey when encountering stronger opponents is more defense – counterattack. In the last match when having to be a guest of the Netherlands, that tactic proved ineffective because of the excellence of the Dutch midfielders, the entire Turkish squad was always in a state of clustering and divided between defense and front line. That’s why during the 90 minutes of the game, Calhanoglu and his teammates even let the Tulip country team concede 6 goals.

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