Boxing: Riakporhe vs Jumah

Saturday night is something of a battle of the promoters, with Eddie Hearn topping the Warrington card in Leeds and Boxxer holding a simultaneous event at Wembley Arena.

Richard Riakporhe will headline and while cruiserweight history is being well documented, it bears repeating; Stabbed with a mobile phone aged 14, the South Londoner is a classic boxer’s story of triumph over adversity and he will be looking to continue that against Deoin Jumah.

Jumah himself is a curious case. Riakporhe wondered aloud why Saturday night’s opponent hasn’t made a splash despite his 14-0 record.

“Watching Deion is a bit interesting because he’s been a pro for a long time. I think he turned pro in 2014, he only had 14 fights, he never had significant wins,” Riakporhe said.

“It makes you wonder ‘what’s going on with him?’ He calls himself ‘The Ghost’. He has been ‘The Ghost’. I came on the scene in 2016. I had about four domestic matchups and I won them all.

“It just shows that there are different levels. I’m sure there’s something to it, but we’ll find out on Saturday.”

Riakporhe has the potential to improve further, teaming up with Ángel Fernández, who is part of Anthony Joshua’s team.

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